Parlanco with foreign drumsticks


Size: 15cm

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About this product

It is a small size of Parlanco.
Small size is suitable for small children, but the sound is weaker due to the smaller striking surface.

Compared to Okinawan red cowhide, the striking surface is closer to white, but it is strongly bleached, so
The durability is low, but the sound is the same as red cowhide.
For those who continue to use Eisa for a long time, we recommend the red cowhide parlancoe.

  • One drumstick is included as standard with each parlanque. (May differ from the photo)
  • Taiko is used by hitting it, so if you frequently hold events or practice,
  • There is no compensation by the manufacturer even if the skin is torn (Some professionals buy a new one every four months)
  • Please note that it will be replaced (charged) or replaced by purchase.

If the skin tears within a month of normal use,
We will replace it free of charge. (In that case, please bear the round-trip shipping fee.)


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